Raja Ferry, under an aim of becoming a leader in Ferry Business in Thailand, has launched a project to upgrade our port facilities up to international standard, with maximum benefits to offer for all visitors that tend to rise over time.

        To enhance their confidence of our complete service deliveries, Raja Ferry has ensured preparation in every aspect to respond perfectly to all the diverse needs of our customers.  Such preparations are evident in our services, potential of shipping navigation, together with assured comforts on board throughout the trip.

         Now, Raja Ferry has strengthened our organization and reaffirmed our leadership in all aspects in order to ensure confidence in traveling for all passengers.  To this end, we have constructed a new jetty and office building for the more complete services, together with improvement in landscape of our Samui Port.  We have also strengthened our potential through a new spare part warehouse and repair quay that meet international standard at the Donsak Port.

         It is, as always, an ultimate goal of Raja Ferry to upgrade our potential to reach international standards for port facilities and management, impressive services, as well as safety and swiftness as the best ferry service operator in Thailand for now and many years to come.